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Der Wiener Kongress - Diplomaten, Intrigen und Skandale

Anna Ehrlich, Christa Bauer

Buch "Der Wiener Kongress" - Details und Downloads >

Verlag Amalthea
ISBN 978-3-85002-865-3
eISBN 978-3-902862-85-3

Die starke Frau am Wiener Hof.
Franz Josephs Mutter
Sisis Schwiegermutter

Christa Bauer, Anna Ehrlich

Verlag Amalthea
ISBN 978-3-99050-024-8
ISBN 978-3-903083-10-3
Once a year, the Viennese tour guides publish the "Kulturmagazin" on the occasion of the world day of tourist guides.  
This cultural magazine contains numerous articles dealing with the history of Vienna and Austria.
I am happy to be able to work on this magazine every year and I would like to present you some of my articles published in the Kulturmagazin in PDF format.
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