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About Christa Bauer, Certified Tour Guide

About me
I am a certified tourist guide, and for me there is still no better job than this!

I grew up in Lower Austria, only a few kilometers outside of Vienna. At the beginning of my professional career in tourism, I traveled the entire world until in the end I landed again in Vienna.

And now I have been doing for several years already what I do best: talk and tell you the history and stories of my country...

"Certified Austrian Guide" means that we have to first take a course and then a test in order to be allowed to work as tourist guides. Before we are allowed to take this test, we will have attended approximately 900 hours of training! This first-class education guarantees that we really know what we are talking about. You can recognize us by our badges with the "austriaguides" logo! I give tours in German and English.
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